FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2007

FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2007

7 December - 16 December 2007

FIFA Club World Cup 2007

AC Milan-Urawa Red Diamonds post-match quotes

Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan coach): "We knew that this wouldn't be an easy match so we're happy that we made it through. In the first half, we didn't manage to move the ball well enough. Little by little though, we gradually found our rhythm and we kept up the intensity for long periods. The main thing was staying patient." Holger Osieck (Urawa Red Diamonds coach): "First of all, I'd like to congratulate my players on their excellent performance. Milan really are a great team, and I'm very pleased with mine, as we didn't just sit back and defend. My lads had exactly the right attitude. They represented Japan and have brought honour to the country, particularly in today's match. The difference at the end of the day came down to individual talent."

Clarence Seedorf (AC Milan midfielder): "Of course it wasn't an easy match, but no games ever are at this level. Right from the opening minutes though, we could feel that we were going to win. We just had to be patient. I'm pleased that I was the one who turned the match in our favour."

Yuki Abe (Urawa Red Diamonds midfielder): "We knew that we were the outsiders tonight but despite that, I think we managed to take the game to them. Milan's class told in the end - they can simply up the tempo whenever they want to. I'm delighted that I had the opportunity to play against such a talented team."

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