FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012

FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2012

6 December - 16 December

FIFA Club World Cup 2012

Al-Ahly-Monterrey: Quotes

Mexico's football club CF Monterrey head coach Victor Vucetich speaks during a press conference

“I don’t think we were far behind Monterrey. We were able to maintain a good level of football. Zonal football is a modern trend and at Al-Ahly we understand that. It’s difficult for us to make a first move, to always score the first goal in matches. However, that does not necessarily mean that we are not able to catch up with Monterrey. We have good skill and high stamina levels, but were not able to use those to our advantage as much as we would have liked. We regret that, but this is something we can learn for future matches.” Al-Ahly SC coach Hossam El Badry.

“We are very happy. This is our second FIFA Club World Cup, and compared with last year’s tournament we did better. We were able to get a medal, which is very good for Mexico and for CONCACAF. In this match, our goalkeeper played very well. Looking back over the three games, we played against teams from Asia, Europe, and Africa. We beat the teams from Asia and Africa and lost to a European club, so this result is very balanced.” Monterrey coach Victor Vucetich.

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