Masatada Ishii, Kashima Antlers coach
Our objective is to play four matches in this tournament. So one down. This is good. In the first half our players seemed to be very heavy in terms of physicality and movement. We should have been more aggressive and tried to finish better. We conceded, changed a gear, made improvements, fixed mistakes and were able to win. In attack, the focus wasn't there in the first-half so I brought on Akasaki and Kanazaki. Both of them have very high focus in the final third. Kanazaki, for one, has scored in many of our latest games.

We only have two days rest before sundowns and we have not been able to really analyse them. So now we will do solidly what we should be doing. We will condition ourselves. We will focus on the weaknesses of today's first-half performance and we will improve on that for the next match. Against Sundowns, the first five to ten minutes will be very important. So whether we press or try to kill their spaces and block, we will discuss this and we will make a game plan. I watched their videos and the forwards are very agile so we will try to slow them down.

Ramon Tribulietx, Auckland City coach
I think that we defended well. In the end we tired a bit. It was very tense. We are a team that try to keep the ball; we needed to have it and we just didn't manage to get enough of it. Kashima made it very difficult. They were very aggressive and they made our lives very hard. Unfortunately we are on the losing side. I'm proud of how we played though. We came very close. It's very difficult to come to Japan and try to dominate the national champions. We are not used to this rhythm. In New Zealand the games are a bit slower, but no excuses, we played a great game and in the end it didn't happen for us today.