“There was no way we could have won this game. We knew it was going to be tough and so it proved. Our heads dropped when they scored the first goal, and when they got the second just after half time it was game over. We tried to hold them off but it was a tough task. All the same, we’re happy and proud to have taken our place in the history of Argentinian football. It’s been an amazing year in which we’ve won the Argentinian league, the Copa Libertadores and reached the final of the Club World Cup. This competition has been a unique experience for the whole club and the San Lorenzo fans. I couldn’t be more proud of everything we’ve achieved. It’s been a long road paved with glory – there’s no denying that.”

San Lorenzo coach Edgardo Bauza

"We've finished the year on a high note. 2014 has been unforgettable and I'm proud at what I've achieved with Real Madrid. Our performances have made me so happy, and Real Madrid are the best team in the world as far as I'm concerned. We still need to think about the future, though, and keep on working. This is a wonderful experience I'm having with Real Madrid because I'm working with a very effective, diligent and focused team. [Cristiano] Ronaldo is a great player because even when he isn't scoring he's still playing decisive passes to his team-mates and helping the side to get even better. I'm pleasantly surprised by the support that Real Madrid have had in Marrakech. We felt right at home." 

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti