“We played a fantastic game and it was a great performance by us. Penalties are always a bit of a lottery, but if you look at the match as a whole, then we deserved to win. I’m proud of the players. They pressed well and played aggressively. We came close last season and this time we’ve finally made it to the quarter-finals. It’s without a doubt the biggest moment of my career. Beating the Moroccan champions here in front of a crowd like this - it doesn’t get much better than that. The players are obviously exhausted and now we need to recover as quickly as possible and prepare for the next game. Then we’ll do it all again and give it everything we’ve got,” Ramon Tribulietx, Auckland City coach. 

“It was a very even game but unfortunately we couldn’t control and dominate proceedings like we’d planned, and we were only able to create a few opportunities. Although we’ve gone out, I’m proud of my team and their performance. Our young players will really have gained a lot of experience from this match and they’ll use that in their future development," Abelaziz Amri, Moghreb Tetouan coach.