Nelsinho, Kashiwa Reysol coach
I feel we played very well. Santos play at a high tempo and we were able to manage that. We matched each other very closely, although Santos always had the advantage once they were in front as they could hold the ball in their own half and go for the counter-attack. But my team became J.League champs just eight days ago and today was our third match since then, yet we were still able to create a lot of goalscoring opportunities. For us, this tournament has been a very good experience and we still have a match to come to decide third place. I think we have shown that Japanese football is really growing and developing, and the young players are especially developing very quickly.

Muricy Ramalho, Santos coach
I don’t think you can say our win was purely down to luck - I think we showed that we have skill and the ability to finish. And the goals were not a surprise to me because these three players – Neymar, Borges and Danilo – are always scoring these kind of goals. Regarding Kashiwa, I think they are a really good team and strong in terms of their organisational skills. It is not by chance that they won the J.League. In the last two matches, especially against Monterrey, they demonstrated that they are a high-quality team, so there were no surprises for me in their performance.