Rudis Gonzalez, El Salvador coach
"For us just playing against Italy was a victory in itself. This result demonstrates that by believing in yourself you can achieve great things. We never lost our cool. I’m proud to be working with this happy and courageous group. We’ve been together for many years and have grown in confidence and strength little by little, day after day. Now we face Russia and in every way it will be another historic day for us."

Massimiliano Esposito, Italy coach
"We still had a great World Cup and I have to congratulate the lads because they did really well. Unfortunately this evening we were missing many players due to suspension and injuries. We also felt tired mentally. With [Michele] Leghissa out I had to play [Matteo] Marrucci for longer. The team moved well, but we just showed a bit of inexperience by losing possession each time we went ahead. Nevertheless I think the team has repaid this wonderful public for the warmth that they have shown us."