Alexandre Soares, Brazil coach
"It was very tough, like a final. In fact, without doubt the first final for us. We played well in the first period, when we scored and had chances. Then in the following periods we left a bit of space and our defence didn’t always function very well. As for Portugal we’ve already faced them in all of the previous editions of the World Cup, so it has become a classic. It will be a great match."

Audu Adamu, Nigeria coach
"We gave as good as we got against the best team in the world. We go out of this tournament with our heads held high. You have to take into account that Brazil play all the time and are able to do lots of training, whereas we, on the other hand, don’t have a league and so were out of action for a long time. Since the defeat in Dubai in 2009 when we lost 11-5, I’d say that we’ve improved a great deal."