Mikhail Likhachev, Russia coach
"We didn’t play well. The team made a lot of mistakes, especially in defence, but we’re proud of making it through to the final. El Salvador are a fantastic team with some really good players, but now we can sit back and wait and see who wins the other semi. No matter who we face in the final it’s sure to be a great game."

Rudis Gonzalez, El Salvador coach
"We knew it was going to be tough. Russia are an exceptionally well-organised team, but in the end it was their focus that made the difference. We need to get some of our mental energy back for tomorrow because we’re going to need it. We could have got right back into the game in the second period but they did a very good job of holding off our attacks. Maybe we could have worked as a team a little bit more, but we’ve learned a very important lesson here, one we’ll put to good use in the match for third place. That’s a game we’re definitely going to be up for."