Ze Miguel Mateus, Portugal coach
What we’ve learned at this World Cup is that we need to strengthen the national team from top to bottom. The time has come to relax now, though, and get ourselves in a calm frame of mind so that we can think about the future in the right way and carry out an in-depth analysis of everything we’ve achieved in previous tournaments. All the same, I’m satisfied with the work my boys have put in, and even though we didn’t reach our main goal, the players have really stuck together and shown their courage, togetherness and friendship.

Rudis Gonzalez, El Salvador coach
I’m very happy at how well this tournament has gone for us. We’d never won a game before so to win just one here would have been an achievement in itself. But we’ve done even better than that, achieving a historic result for ourselves and the people of El Salvador. These boys are my second family. They’re all sons of mine, and I’m delighted for them first and foremost because they’ve played with their heart and shown complete commitment.