Ramon Raya, Mexico coach
I like to speak to my players before a game – I enjoy motivating them and helping them find the best approach for each match. A coach’s job is to keep his players, and himself, calm. We want to thank our football association for their faith in us. And I’d also like to thank our keeper, who was outstanding every time we were in difficult situations, such as in the lottery that is a penalty shoot-out. We’ve taken the first step, next up we’ve got another incredibly difficult match.

Amarelle, Ukraine assistant coach
Things went wrong for us because we weren’t able to find a second goal. There were loads of factors that had an impact on the result. We didn’t play badly but we made too many mistakes both in our finishing and our build-up play. The golden rule of this sport is that you have take full advantage of the chances you create, and there’s no point moaning about it if you don’t.