Angelo Schirinzi, Switzerland coach
It’s a very positive result. We played an excellent first period, it’s just a shame that we took our foot off the pedal after that. We have to do better because we’ve still not been able to get our usual game going. Usually, when we’re leading by three or four goals we’re able to rack up a big score in our favour. Today, in contrast, we almost let them catch us. That would have ruined everything. The problem was a lack of concentration as well as some heavy legs. Our younger players struggle to play a full match at such a high tempo.

Ali Rezaali, Iran team manager
To be honest, we were unlucky. We couldn’t have prepared more thoroughly for each of our matches, and we’ve got a different tactical set-up for every opponent. Because of this, we’re confident we can beat Senegal in our final match. We’ll do everything we can to make it happen.