I think the team played well, but they didn't expect Uruguay to come back. Their heads went down when they equalised at the end of the second period. It's hard for us to play in this heat, but the fact we were able to put in a good performance against the world cup runners-up shows we can be optimistic about going through. Magrini Giancarlo, Italy coach

We didn't know Italy and it ended up being an extremely difficult match for us. After preparing for the tournament in the cool climate of Uruguay the heat affected us. All the same, we got the result we wanted and we're on course to achieve our objective of matching what we did last year. Ricar, Uruguay forward

Today you could tell that Uruguay have spent more time playing together. They're also in better physical shape than we are. Although we ended the game very tired and with nothing to show for our efforts, I'm sure we'll improve in our next game. Roberto Pasquali, Italy forward