Alan, Portugal player
We knew that this wouldn't be an easy match. Iran are one of the teams who have come on the most in recent years. They've been training together for over a month down here and they've learnt a lot. As far as we're concerned, we played a decent match but our finishing left a lot to be desired."

Jose Mateus, Portugal coach
We were expecting this kind of game against a team that has improved a lot in the last few years. The gap between the traditional big teams and the others has vanished. We wanted the victory and that's what we got, even if it only came after penalties. This kind of things happens often in the first game in a big tournament. We will bounce back and play better.

Hamed Ghorbanpour, Iran goalkeeper
It was a great game. We matched Portugal right from the off. We played really well and we might even have won it.

Marco Octavio, Iran coach
I'm pleased with this performance. We showed that we are a match for any opponent, the proof being that we've just played a very even game with the European champions. I've been with the team since June and I've been trying to give them a winning mentality. We shouldn't be afraid to dream!"