Law XIII - Free-Kick
A free-kick awarded to the defending team, within its own goal-area, may be taken from any point within that half of the goal-area in which the free-kick has been awarded.


Law XIII - Free-Kick
Decision by the IFAB: in order to distinguish between a direct and an indirect free-kick, the referee, ..., shall indicate accordingly by raising an arm above his head...


Law XII - Fouls and Misconduct
New offense: spitting at an opponent
Decision: the offence of spitting at officials and other persons, ... shall be considered as violent conduct.

Law XIII - Free-Kick
Taking a free-kick inside one's own penalty-area - the opposing team's players shall be at least ten yards (9.15m) from the ball and shall remain outside the penalty area until the ball has been kicked out of the area.

Law XVI - Goal-Kick
Opponents of the team taking the goal-kick shall remain outside the penalty-area until the ball has been kicked out of the penalty-area.