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Youngsters able to Dream a Dream in India

Dream a Dream programme, India
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  • Dream a Dream programme empowering youngsters in India
  • Engages with 10,000 vulnerable youth every year
  • Programme featured in FIFA Foundation Festival at Russia 2018

“We empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish in a fast changing world.”

India’s Dream a Dream Programme statement is a simple one. Delivering it in the world's second-largest nation is another matter altogether.

But the 20-year old programme has delivered in spades, guiding a massive number of young people in India to a better life through the power of sport. Founded in 1999, Dream a Dream has positively impacted 100,000 youngsters in that time.

It is a massive undertaking. Currently it engages with 10,000 young people every year, operating through 60 partners across ten locations in India.

So what is Dream a Dream? Using football and different forms of education as tools, the programme identifies children who have the need and potential to overcome adversity, and engage with parents, teachers, volunteers and the community to achieve that aim.

Dream a Dream believe there is an urgency to aid India’s youth before they reach young adulthood. Among the life skills required are how to make informed decisions, solve problems, communicate effectively and build healthy relationships.

“The children and adolescents in our program grew up in distress and deprivation, without a responsible adult who would satisfy their emotional needs and enable them to develop and acquire life skills,” says Vishal Talreja, cofounder and Trustee of Dream a Dream. “They do not know, for example, how to deal with conflicts.

“It is possible to reach hundreds of millions of children in all countries. Each country has other difficulties, but many of the obstacles are universal. If we all join hands, we can reach the common goal - that children thrive and can drive change in the world."

Dream a Dream programme, India
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