University Medical Centre, Regensburg, Germany

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

The University Medical Centre of Regensburg, in collaboration with the University of Sports Science Regensburg and selected experts in football medicine, has been accredited as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence since 2009. This cooperation has emerged from a network of institutions and experts built over many years and is geared towards professional as well as amateur football players. 

The main focus of the medical centre’s football medicine research is the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries and cardiac sudden death. Additionally, the centre focuses on prevention of osteoarthritis by modern regenerative joint treatment, with a special emphasis on conservative and surgical treatment. Basic stem cell research for regeneration of cartilage and meniscus also plays a key role.

The injury prevention research section has implemented screening tools and pre-season assessments in junior and amateur football, established the FIFA 11+ warm-up programme in Germany, created training tools to reduce injuries in male and female football players and referees, and carried out detailed injury analysis in different subpopulations. The main focus of the injury prevention projects are the prevention of ACL and other severe football injuries. The prevention of cardiac sudden death and other cardiac diseases includes the implementation of screening programmes, implementation of AICD on football fields and teaching programmes for first aid on the pitch. 

For professional football players, the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Regensburg provides highly experienced experts in different institutions for surgical and conservative treatment of traumatic and overuse injuries of the joints. Pre-season screening examinations, sport-specific performance diagnostics, return-to-play examinations after injuries and other imaging diagnostics are provided.

An important partner of the FIFA Medical Centre Regensburg is the Bavarian Football Association (BFV). The BFV is the largest regional football association in Germany with more than 1.6 million football players, more than 400,000 junior players and more than 16,000 football referees. 

The main research fields in football medicine of the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Regensburg are: 

  • Implementation of the FIFA 11+ warm-up programme and training tools for injury prevention

  • Establishment of the “German ACL Registry in Football“ to analyse primary prevention and return-to-play approaches

  • Musculoskeletal and cardiac screening assessments in junior football players

  • Osteoarthritis, long-term consequences and career-ending injuries in retired football players

Foundation: 1978
Among the most modern hospitals in Germany
Accredited as FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence: February 2009
All aspects of musculoskeletal disorder, internal medicine, prevention and rehabilitation
Staff: over 4,300 professionals including 700 doctors, 1,650 nurses, 1,200 medical technicians

Prof. Dr. Peter Angele
Director/Head of FMCE
Universitätsklinikum Regensburg, 93042 Regensburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 941 944 68 07

Dr. Werner Krutsch
First contact person at the FMCE
Universitätsklinikum Regensburg, 93042 Regensburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 941 944 68 46

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