TMS: The transfer window in numbers

Paris Saint-Germain's newly recruited Argentinian midfielder Javier Matias Pastore (L) and PSG's sporting director and former player, Brazilian Leonardo (R) pose

In the absence of a FIFA World Cup™, the past three months have seen football fans more tranfixed than ever by the dramatic comings and goings in the transfer market. With the bulk of the action, as always, concentrated within the European transfer window between June and August, there has been the usual flurry of headline-grabbing moves, as well as plenty more that have gone largely unnoticed.

However, while the sheer extent of activity – particularly in the deadline-day frenzy of 31 August – might suggest a chaotic transfer picture, has been outlining over recent weeks how FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (TMS) is helping to bring order to the world of player trading. Here, we look at some of the numbers from the registration period just past to help illustrate the work being done.


billion US dollars was spent on international transfers during the recent transfer window, which - for the majority of European associations - opened on 1 June and closed on 31 August.


million US dollars (£484m) was the cummulative bill run up by English Premier League clubs during this registration period, with $326m of that massive outlay going on international transfers. This summer spree, which was up £120m on the previous June-August window, had at its heart a big-spending quintet, with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United each shelling out over £50m. Unlike last year, however, when 75 per cent of Premier League transfer fees were paid out to foreign clubs, this transfer window was dominated by deals within England, which accounted for 58 per cent of the overall spending.


million US dollars represented the biggest outlay for a single player during the recent window, while at the other end of the scale, one deal involving a paltry $45 fee etablished that one as the smallest.


transfers were completed in all during this period, with July – which witnessed 2,393 switches of clubs – the busiest month. August followed closely behind, with 2,205 confirmed deals, while June, with a surprisingly meagre 594, lagged a surprisingly distant third.


enquiries were made to the FIFA Transfer Matching System (TMS) Helpdesk during the window, with no fewer than 127 tickets logged on one single day. No prizes for identifying the day in question as 31 August.


clubs from across the globe were involved in transfer activity between June and August.


applications to register players under the age of 18, classified as minors, were made by associations on behalf of their clubs during the window.


administrative sanctions – 87 in June, 90 in July and 127 in August - were pursued against clubs and associations for breaches of FIFA rules, with an immediate success rate of 75 per cent.


days had passed before the first transfer of the recent window was completed, with the player in question moving from USA to Canada on 3 June.

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