The Sports Medical Centre of the Royal Netherlands Football Association, Zeist, Netherlands

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence
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The Sports Medical Centre provides top-class injury rehabilitation for national and international professional football players, referees and amateur football players. In our professional and excellently equipped rehabilitation centre, experienced sports physicians, sports physiotherapists and other specialists focus on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of football-related pathologies specifically.

Our main goal is *to provide and generate innovative and scientifically documented treatment methods *for controlled recovery from injuries and for injury prevention. The foundation of the University Centre of Sports Medicine (UCS) provides the perfect opportunity to have practical experiences scientifically tested for evidence-based sports medical treatment and as preventive methods. This approach resulted in numerous peer review publications supported, initiated or produced by our Sports Medical Centre. Furthermore, the highest standards of counselling and individual programmes in sports nutrition, sports psychology, neuropsychology and football-related sports science are delivered in or through our centre in cooperation with several universities and colleges. 

Areas of special interest and expertise include rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction, rehabilitation of muscle injuries, injury prevention and concussion management.

As the Sports Medical Centre of the Dutch Football Association, we provide healthcare for all the Dutch national football teams, from the senior “Oranje" side to the national U-15 boys’ and girls’ teams. 

Professional medical support is offered to football clubs (both professional and amateur level) on matters such as the prevention of doping, injuries and other sports medical healthcare issues, delivered through an extensive network of top-level orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists, sports cardiologists and exercise physiologists, among other medical specialties. In addition, education of sports medical staff members and coaches is ensured on football-related injuries and other pathologies.

Sports Medical Centre of the Dutch Football Association (KNVB)
Accredited FMCE since 2010
Established as Medical Department within the KNVB in 1965 
Focus on football medicine
The presence of Sports Medicine, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Neuropsychology and Sports Science ensure an integrated approach of football-related health and performance issues
Together with the Brain and Sports Rehabilitation Department of the University of Utrecht the University Centre of Sports Medicine (UCS) was founded.

Dr. Edwin Goedhart
Director/Head of FMCE
University Centre of Sports Medicine, P.O. Box 515, 3700 AM Zeist, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 343 499 285
Mobile: +31 654 648 148

Irma Hennevelt
First contact person at the FMCE
University Centre of Sports Medicine, P.O. Box 515, 3700 AM Zeist, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 343 499 148
Mobile: +31 655 181 587

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