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The IFAB and two new advisory panels set to meet in Belfast

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The agenda for this month’s Annual Business Meeting (ABM) of The IFAB has been confirmed, as well as the representatives confirmed to take part in two new advisory panels that will meet just prior to the ABM at the Europa Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 24 and 25 November.

Established to support The IFAB with greater expertise before decisions are passed, the Football Advisory Panel and the Technical Advisory Panel will meet twice a year to discuss topical matters related to the Laws of the Game and present their findings and recommendations to The IFAB. The roles of the panels are further explained in the new statutes, which were approved at The IFAB foundation meeting on 13 January 2014.

In terms of participants for the upcoming meetings, The IFAB has signed off on proposals from the six confederations while also selecting additional experts for the panels. They include stakeholders from across the world of football, including former players, coaches and referees as well as confederation, association and league representatives and FIFPro. In general, the representatives will serve on the panels for a period of two years.

Among the topics on the agenda for their first meetings this month will be: the so-called “triple punishment” rule; Law 12 with respect to handling the ball; rolling substitutions for amateur/recreational football; and the use of electronic performance monitoring systems. All of these items have previously been discussed by The IFAB and referred to the two new advisory panels for further analysis.
The Football Advisory Panel will meet on Monday, 24 November followed by a meeting of the Technical Advisory Panel on Tuesday, 25 November, with The IFAB ABM taking place later that day.

During the upcoming ABM, The IFAB will review the reports received by the two panels and will also take a look at other matters including video replay for match officials, the use of “sin bins” in recreational youth football, and Law 11 – Offside.
It is important to note that the ABM is a working meeting during which topics are discussed and can be put forward to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Amendments to the Laws of the Game can only be made during the AGM. The 129th IFAB AGM will take place in Belfast between 27 February and 1 March 2015.
Members of The IFAB or any of FIFA’s member associations have until 1 December 2014 to submit suggestions or proposed alterations to the Laws of the Game, requests for experimentation, and any other items for discussion to The IFAB ahead of the next AGM.

Those confirmed to take part in the upcoming advisory panel meetings are listed below.* Both panel meetings will be chaired by Patrick Nelson, Chief Executive of the Irish Football Association.
Football Advisory Panel *

Anthony Baffoe (Ghana), Gijs de Jong (Netherlands, KNVB), Shaka Hislop (Trinidad & Tobago), Christian Karembeu (New Caledonia), Ioan Lupescu (Romania), Hidetoshi Nakata (Japan), Wynton Rufer (New Zealand), Richard Jobson (England, FIFPro), Andreas Rettig (Germany, DFL)

*Technical Advisory Panel *
Neale Barry (The FA), Jean-Paul Brigger (FIFA), Massimo Busacca (FIFA), William Campbell (Irish FA), Lim Kee Chong (Mauritius), Pierluigi Collina (UEFA Head of Refereeing), Sonia Denoncourt (CONCACAF Head of Refereeing), David Elleray (England), Ray Ellingham (Wales FA), John Fleming (Scottish FA), Mark Hester (OFC Head of Refereeing), Jorge Larrionda (Uruguay, FIFA Referees Committee), Yoshimi Ogawa (AFC Head of Refereeing), Manoel Serapião Filho (Brazil)

*This list is subject to change. In particular, additional members who cannot attend this month’s meetings may be confirmed at a later stage.

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