Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center (SSTRC), Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Center (SSTRC)

The main goals of the Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Centre are to: Offer treatment, rehabilitation and education at the highest international level in the field of sports medicine and perform both basic and clinical research and prevent sports injuries through better information.

Karolinska Institutet (KI) is Sweden’s only university exclusively for medical studies. It is also Sweden’s largest centre for medical research and education. Research at KI spans the whole human being, from the body’s molecules to psychosocial factors. There are some 600 research groups, each with its own specialisations. These research groups also take an active part in the university’s 20 undergraduate programmes and other educational activities. Under the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will, Karolinska Institutet chooses the Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine.

Capio Artro Clinic is one of Sweden’s leading clinics for arthroscopic surgery, sports injuries and rehabilitation. The clinic offers highly specialised care by experienced orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists. Every year the clinic sees 50,000 patients and performs about 5,000 operations. Stockholm County Council is our principal client, but we also work for other county councils, insurance companies, sports associations and private paying patients.

The Swedish sports movement has chosen the Capio Artro Clinic as its co-operation partner. The clinic is responsible for providing medical services to a number of sports clubs and national teams, including the national teams in football, basketball, alpine skiing, snowboarding, golf, diving and motor sport. 

*The Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Centre *is a centre in which clinical treatment, research and education are combined in a single building to achieve and sustain cutting-edge expertise at all levels of sports medicine.

Stockholm School of Sports and Science (GIH) offers degree programmes preparing for the teaching profession in Physical Education as well as for careers in Sports Coaching, Sport Management or Preventive Health. It offers a high level of teaching, primarily within the areas of Human Biology, Physical Education and Pedagogics/Didactics. The degree programmes have duration of three to five years. Presently, about 1,000 students are enrolled.

The school also offers postgraduate education, with one-year and two-year Master’s  degrees. Since 2010, GIH has also offered PhD studies in a four-year programme, including a “licentiate” degree which can be obtained after two years. 

GIH is part of the rich research environment in Stockholm which includes Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Stockholm Sports Trauma Research Centre established 2006
Accredited FMCE since March 2011
Cooperation between Karolinska Institutet, Capio Artro Clinic, Stockholm School of Sports and Science, and Cardiology Section at Sophiahemmet
Capio Artro Clinic specialised in Arthroscopy and Arthroscopical surgery and sports medicine since 1992 with 20 orthopaedic surgeons and 30 physiotherapists
Outpatient ward, surgery, rehabilitation, research and education
Based in the facilities of private hospital Sophiahemmet

* Prof. Dr. Magnus Forssblad*
Director/Head of FMCE
First contact person at the FMCE
Norr Mälarstrand 66, 7tr, 112 35 Stockholm, Schweden* *
Mobile: +46 70 484 26 16

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