Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare, Roeselare, Belgium

Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare, Belgium


The Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare is an acute hospital in the centre of Roeselare that has been accredited in October 2010 as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.

Together with universities and high schools, it is involved in the education of doctors, residents and nurses in training.

The Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare offers the following medical services:

1.    Non-surgical disciplines: among others physical medicine and rehabilitation, internal medicine, neurology, and a rehabilitation centre.

2.    Surgical disciplines: among others general surgery, surgical day hospital, intensive care, orthopaedics, pain clinic, emergencies.

3.    Medical services technician: morbid anatomy and histopathology, clinical biology, nuclear medicine and medical imaging systems.

Each year, the Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare treats 14,000 patients through classic hospitalisation, 20,000 patients via day hospital, and 14,000 emergency patients. 18,000 medical surgeries are performed each year.

The mission statement of the Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare is PERSONAL | LEADING | TOGETHER. PERSONAL is at the heart of the organisation: we treat our patients in a personal, respectful and open manner. LEADING aims at the fulfilment of care; it alludes to a safe, qualitative and efficient way of nursing. TOGETHER indicates the operational involvement of all of us: doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members on the one hand, and external partners on the other.

The mission of the Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare with regard to sports medicine is to assist sports professionals in fully benefiting from prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as optimisation of their performances. In this respect, we adopt a PERSONAL | LEADING | MULTIDISCIPLINARY approach with our group of different specialists including sports and rehabilitation physicians (6), sports orthopaedic surgeons (7), physiotherapists (50), psychologists (6), occupational therapists (10) and dieticians (4). As doctors and paramedics from the hospital are involved in assisting the Red Devils, the national football team, and a nearby first-class football team (FC Club Brugge), it is clear that we have a major commitment to football medicine.

We will continue to pursue our research and treatment strategies in order to be a reliable and progressive companion for future FIFA standards in football medicine.

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Flanders:

Dr. Pieter D'Hooghe, MD
Head of the Sportssurgical Department
Stedelijk Ziekenhuis Roeselare
Orthopaedic Department
Brugsesteenweg 90
8800 Roeselare

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