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Statement of the deputy chairman of the adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee

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The decision to provisionally ban Franz Beckenbauer was revoked today by the deputy chairman of the independent Ethics Committee’s adjudicatory chamber, Alan Sullivan QC. Having received the appropriate submissions, Alan Sullivan QC considered that it was appropriate at the time to impose provisional measures.

However, Sullivan QC, considering that a breach of the FIFA Code Ethics appeared to have been committed, concluded that all the conditions for the imposition of provisional measures were no longer fulfilled.

The deputy chairman warned Mr Beckenbauer that a repetition or continuation of the conduct that led to the imposition of the provisional measure might give rise to further sanctions, including new provisional measures.

The investigation proceedings opened by Mr Michael J. Garcia and conducted by Vanessa Allard, which will determine whether Mr Beckenbauer violated provisions of the FIFA Code of Ethics, are on-going.

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