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Reggie Blinker free to play on Saturday

FIFA has lifted the suspension on Sheffield Wednesday's Dutch player Reggie Blinker with immediate effect. Blinker is now qualified to play for his club at the weekend.

Blinker had been suspended by FIFA for having signed a document for Udinese Calcio in Italy, without having notified his club at that time, Feyenoord Rotterdam, and for having subsequently signed for Sheffield Wednesday in England for the same period. He has missed two matches for Sheffield Wednesday in the meantime.

The Bureau of the FIFA Players' Status Committee decided in Barcelona that although the Udinese document was basically valid, it could not be legally protected as the Italian club had violated FIFA regulations in failing to inform Feyenoord, with whom the player was under contract.

The Committee agreed that Blinker's suspension should now be lifted, but as he had failed to inform Sheffield Wednesday of his previous commitment to Udinese, and had thus committed himself to two clubs simultaneously, he was ordered to pay a fine of 75,000 Swiss Francs.