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Nine companies register for first test phase

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Nine companies have put themselves forward for Goal-line technology’s (GLT) first testing phase after the deadline for submissions set by the IFAB and FIFA passed. All the participating companies are from Europe.

The first test period, which was decided at the 125th IFAB Annual General Meeting earlier this year in Wales, will take place between September and December 2011. Each company’s respective technology will be scrutinised across a broad range of criteria, in both daylight and floodlit conditions.

Using a pass or fail assessment system, the testing period will measure the technology’s recognition of free shots on goal, with 100 per cent accuracy required, as well as static and dynamic accuracy tests, to 90 per cent accuracy in the first phase.

Also under examination will be the individual GLT systems’ transmissions to officials in the result of a goal, with both a vibration and visual signal required to be sent to the referee’s watch. This indication must be received wherever the referee is positioned on the field of play, or within the technical areas.

The EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) will be conducting the independent testing of all the submitted GLT systems. FIFA and EMPA will now work in conjunction with the participating companies to produce a timeline for the first phase of examination.

The results of this will be presented in a report compiled by the EMPA for the 2012 IFAB AGM, scheduled for 3 March 2012 in London. The second series of tests will then be conducted between March and June 2012.

The results of both assessment stages will then be unveiled in a full EMPA report at a special IFAB meeting set for next summer, where the matter of GLT’s future in football will be ultimately decided.

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