Nicaraguan youths gain from football

Life isn't always easy for kids and youths in Nicaragua. Situated between Honduras and Costa Rica, the Central American nation is poor and unable to provide an organised school education for the bulk of its approximately five million people.

The National Football Academy hands youths a precious opportunity to strike out on a new path in life. The Academy is certainly devoted to the game, but its members also attend school, where their sporting talents are complemented by life skills, with a special focus on good citizenship.

Thanks to the education and disciplines learned by the kids, the end product is not simply better footballers, but also better people. The youths at the Academy are offered the chance of a fruitful upbringing, and occasionally even more than that. “I consider it a great honour to be here," one of the members declared.

We devote our FIFA TV and video to showing how football is playing its part in helping to improve lives for kids and youths in Nicaragua.

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