Landmark progress in Djibouti as Licence Plus implemented

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The launch of the 'Licence Plus', the online system of registering players, has marked a new dawn of development in the growing football nation of Djibouti. This is the first time that the most sophisticated players’ registration program has been used in Djibouti, coming at the end of a two-day training course by FIFA which concluded on Thursday.

The president of the Djibouti Football Federation (FDF), Souleiman Hassan Waberi, said having the modern technology active in the country today constituted huge progress.

“The implementation of this very useful technology was one of several development goals I have dreamed of since I was elected just two years ago and I really feel very proud as the Licence Plus is finally active here," President Souleiman said in an interview with CECAFA media“I am thankful to FIFA under the leadership of President Blatter for helping us realise key football development goals in the country” the FDF president explained.

He praised FIFA instructors Izhar Maghoab of Tunisia and Francis Adu from Ghana for coming to make changes in how the country registered local football players. Hussein Elmi Bouh, the chairman of Djiboutian side AS Port, told CECAFA media that such a program was much needed in his country and said that local football clubs were lauding president Souleiman and his executive committee for helping the country use such sophisticated technology.

Moving to this system will remove more challenges that always faced Africa.

“This is a sign for Djibouti moving from the old system of registering players to a modern and even more easy system which is also a long-lasting online archive,” said Elmi Bouh whose AS Port side represented the country in this year’s CECAFA club cup.

FIFA instructor Adu said world football’s governing body decided to support Africa with implementing this system after realising that the continent does not have a comprehensive database of players’ registrations.

“Moving to this system will remove more challenges that always faced Africa in terms of cheating of age and changing names of players” said Adu.

He added that in Africa it has been known for a club to take a player from another team without their knowledge, but with the implementation of the Licence Plus all irregularities will end there.

“With this technology in place, when a player moves from one club to another it has a trend and it will also help with the FIFA player passport” Adu added.

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