Isokinetic Medical Group, Bologna, Italy

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

The Isokinetic Medical Group was established in 1987. The headquarters and the Education and Research Department are located in Bologna, Italy. 

The Isokinetic Network consists of eight clinics in seven cities: Bologna, London, Milan Navigli, Milan Vivaio, Rimini, Rome, Turin, Verona.

The main objective of the Isokinetic Medical Group is to offer complete and fast recovery from injuries through a multidisciplinary approach and a combination of rehabilitation facilities, including rehabilitation gyms, pools and fields. The mission is to follow the player from the first day after an injury to the last day when returning to the team. Each patient is managed by a “case manager”, the sports medicine physician who coordinates the medical team and plans the entire rehabilitation process, with up to two rehabilitation sessions per day until function has been fully restored and the player can return to play.

The centre has a major commitment to football medicine, generating research in the field of football injuries that is particularly focused on recovery after cartilage surgery, ACL rehabilitation, return to sport, muscle injury treatment and platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of tendon injuries. 

Isokinetic conferences
Since 1992, the Educational and Research Department has organised an annual International Conference on Sports Rehabilitation and Traumatology. This conference consistently brings together over 2,000 sports medicine and sports science experts from all over the world to share knowledge and experience. After the success of the 25th edition of the Football Medicine Strategies Conference held in London in 2016, we will move to Barcelona in May 2017. The topic will be “The Future of Football Medicine” and we expect to have an outstanding faculty discussing the latest research and experience to offer the player the best strategies to reach a complete and safe recovery.

Established 1987
Accredited FMCE since October 2009
Sports medicine and orthopaedic rehabilitation
7 clinics in Italy, 1 in London
150 employees, including 30 doctors and 60 physiotherapists
12,000 patients per year
Peer-reviewed publications 15

Dr. Stefano Della Villa
Director/Head of FMCE
Via Casteldebole 8/4, 40132 Bologna, Italy
Tel.: +39 051 298 68 00

Dr. Margherita Ricci
Sports Medicine Physician
First contact person at the FMCE
Via Casteldebole 8/4, 40132 Bologna, Italy
Tel.: +39 051 298 68 06
Mobile: +39 339 450 74 82

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