Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia da FMUSP, São Paulo, Brazil

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

The Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia (IOT) in Sao Paulo is one of the leading orthopaedic centres in Brazil. It has clinics specialised in the upper and lower extremities, the spine, the hand, children as well as sports medicine. It is a public institution directed by Prof. Tarcisio Barros and Prof. Olavo Camargo. This institute, which belongs to Sao Paulo University School of Medicine, was founded in 1954 and its Sports Medicine Clinic (directed by Prof. Arnaldo Hernandez) is one of the best known in Brazil.

As an orthopaedic institute it concentrates on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. The institute is responsible for two residence programmes, sports medicine and orthopaedics, and is also involved in the university medical graduation programme. The IOT strongly relies on a multidisciplinary approach to sports injuries, which is derived from integrated work with experts in each field (physical educators, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physiologists, psychologists and others).

In so doing it can provide comprehensive medical attention to footballers and other athletes, including prevention strategies, diagnostic methods, rehabilitation programmes and surgery, if necessary. In order to achieve this, it works closely with the other clinics of the Hospital das Clínicas (the biggest university hospital in Brazil).

Whether the patient is a professional player or just an amateur fan, the centre can provide him with a full spectrum of medical care. The IOT is the main centre in Brazil for futsal and looks after the Brazilian team as well as various football teams from Sao Paulo. It also provides consultation and planning for training and the prevention of specific sports injuries. The implementation of the “The 11+” programme is one of its goals. In October 2009, the IOT was approved as a FIFA Centre of Excellence.

The centre operates in a multi-professional university environment, focused on research and treating elite and non-elite players. Furthermore, the development of medical training methods may provide information and knowledge that is helpful to the general population.

Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence in Sao Paolo:

Prof. André Pedrinelli

Rua Dr. Ovídio Pires de Campos 333
Cerqueira Cesar 05403-010
São Paulo-SP
Tel: 55-11-3069-6000

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