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IFAB to meet in Glasgow

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The IFAB Annual Business Meeting will take place in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday 2 October, with half a dozen discussion points on the agenda.

Goal-line Technology, Additional Assistant Referees and The Players' Equipment ("Headscarf") are the primary topics, with FIFA set to provide an update on GLT since the IFAB's Special Meeting on 5 July.

GLT is set to be used in Japan at this year's FIFA Club World Cup, the first competition where the systems will be 'live.' FIFA will provide an update to the IFAB regarding matters arising from the implementation of GLT, helping to explain the procedural issues that any future competition organisers will also encounter.

The meeting will also discuss the "Headscarf," in relation to the necessary amendments required to be made to the Laws of the Game.

In other miscellaneous matters, the IFAB will consider some initial concepts regarding the future structure and consultation process of the IFAB itself, and will also hear a presentation from an Electronic Performance Monitoring System company.

Following the Annual Business Meeting, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the IFAB will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland on Saturday 2 March 2013.

According to the Laws of the Game, any Member Association has until 1 December 2012 to submit any suggestion or proposed alteration to the Laws of the Game, requests for experimentation, and any other items for discussion, to the host association (The Scottish Football Association).

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