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FIFA to host landmark conference on sporting ethics

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Organised by the Belgium based public interest foundation “World Forum for Ethics in Business”, the Home of FIFA will host the first-ever World Summit on Ethics in Sports on Friday 19 September, which will see leading figures from a variety of disciplines, such as politics, business, academia and NGO’s come to Zurich to help define the role of sports in solving society’s problems and highlight examples of best practice. “

FIFA President Joseph S.Blatter will officially open the conference and offer words of welcome to the esteemed gathering which includes former Germany star and celebrated coach Felix Magath and multiple Olympic medal winner Gustavo Borges.

The summit will elaborate on what business and politics can learn from sports, showcase successful CSR activities in the sports arena and assess and address current challenges in sports ethics.

It will also feature a mix of inspiring keynote addresses from world-class speakers and dedicated breakout sessions to enrich participants overall knowledge and experience and propose a substantial agenda for action.

Among the highlights is a much-awaited hour long panel discussion between leading sports personalities who will debate on the role of sports, while involving the audience in their interaction, encouraging discussion.

“Ethics and integrity are essential in the world of sport and are topics that have continued to gain importance for FIFA and the football community in recent years," said FIFA President Blatter. "We therefore welcome the opportunity to host this special summit and look forward to a fruitful debate among international experts on these important topics.”

FIFA will also be well represented with Chief Medical Officer Professor Jiri Dvorak, the Chairman of the Independent Ethics Committee Hans Joachim-Eckert and Michael J Garcia, Security Director Ralf Mutschke as well as FIFA Ambassador for Fair Play Simone Farina all playing an important part in the proceedings.

The World Summit on Ethics in Sports will also see the conferment of the 2014 Ethics in Sports Awards. The awards will recognise an outstanding individual and organisation that have demonstrated the importance of human values and ethics in life and in the sporting arena.

For further information and the summit program of the World Summit on Ethics in Sports, please visit http://www.ethicsinsports.ch/

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