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FIFA TMS launches DTMS, the first Domestic Transfer Matching System

FIFA’s Transfer Matching System (TMS)

FIFA TMS is today launching a new Premium Service, the first Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS), designed to facilitate domestic transfers for member associations (MAs) and clubs acting in the same jurisdiction.

DTMS is an online platform modelled on ITMS (International Transfer Matching System), which is provided to over 200 MAs and 6,500 clubs for cross-border player transfers.

DTMS is fully integrated with ITMS with a single sign-on so that both the MA and its clubs can manage all of their domestic and international transfers in the same place. It will help MAs to improve their transfers management, data management and governance by building on the existing ITMS service already in use by the MA.

FIFA TMS developed the new system following feedback from numerous MAs and clubs expressing the need for a domestic transfer system based on ITMS.

The key benefits of DTMS include:

*Strong governance
• Increased adherence to MA’s transfer regulations with system-based processes and data-driven analysis
• Increased involvement of the MA in the transfer review and approval process (link a transfer to an intermediary, transfer compensation, matching and payment validation)

*Efficient management of transfers
• Speedy and efficient communication and approval via an online system
• Automated matching of transfer data
• Fast-track creation of counter instructions

Effective data management
• Official documents stored online, minimising physical document storage and search efforts
• Complete picture of all professional player transfers with potential to replicate automatically to a national registration system
• Improved statistics/reporting capabilities

FIFA TMS is currently working with a number of MAs and expects to go live with a first version of DTMS in a member association in 2014.