FIFA extends further sanctions for match-fixing

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In its fight against match-fixing and its determination to protect the foundation of sport and fair play, FIFA has taken another important decision. The Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee extended sanctions imposed by the Disciplinary Committee of the Finland Football Federation on six players as to have worldwide effect. On 3 April 2012, the Finland Football Federation banned the players Godfrey Chibanga, Chileshe Chibwe, Steven Kunda, Christopher Musonda, Chanda Mwaba and Nchimunya Mweetwa on taking part in any football-related activity on grounds of match-fixing and unsporting behaviour for a period of two years as from 6 April 2011, date on which the players were provisionally suspended.

The chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee extended the sanctions against the above mentioned players as to have worldwide effect on 24 April 2012 according to art.136.ff of the FIFA Disciplinary Code. In the case of serious infringements, including unlawfully influencing match results, member associations, confederations and other organising sports bodies are obligated to contact FIFA to request the extension of the sanctions they have imposed, so as to have a worldwide effect.

Already in February this year FIFA had taken a similar decision against 26 football participants (read "FIFA extends worldwide sanction to 26 football participants").  

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