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FIFA Executive Committee holds historic meeting in Robben Island

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The FIFA Executive Committee held today a very special meeting in Robben Island, Cape Town, the place where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in prison during the apartheid era in South Africa and where the inmates founded the Makana Football Association, recognised by FIFA as its first honorary member association in 2007. The meeting was opened with an emotive speech from Tokyo Sexwale, former prisoner in Robben Island and currently a member of FIFA’s Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility.

The committee approved the increase of prize money for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ to USD 420 million, as compared to USD 261.4 million (at the time CHF 332 million) in 2006. The winner will receive USD 30 million, while the runner-up will obtain USD 24 million, the third-placed team USD 20 million, the fourth-placed USD 18 million and quarter-finalists USD 14 million. Teams that reach the Round of 16 will get USD 9 million, while those eliminated in the group stage of the final competition will receive USD 8 million.

In addition, each of the 32 qualified teams will be granted USD 1 million for preparation costs. Finally, USD 40 million will be provided by FIFA via the member associations to the clubs whose players will take part in the 2010 FIFA World Cup as a contribution to their participation in the competition. For a comparison with the 2006 FIFA World Cup prize money, please see the link on the right.

Following the recommendation of the Olympic football working group, the Executive Committee agreed to keep the current system of limiting to under 23 players and up to three overage players the men’s Olympic football tournament of London 2012.

The committee also decided to ratify the suspension imposed on the Iraqi Football Association by the FIFA Emergency Committee on 20 November 2009 due to governmental interference. Regarding the Kuwait Football Association (KFA), it was agreed to give the KFA a period of two months, with deadline on 31 January 2010, to make sure that the association is in line with the FIFA Statutes. The committee also examined the cases of Samoa, El Salvador and Togo, which will continue to be monitored by FIFA.

Other decisions taken by the Executive Committee:- to increase the number of teams participating in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup from 16 to 24, in order to promote the further development of the women’s game worldwide
- suspensions carried over from the FIFA Club World Cup will be served at the next official match of the club concerned

Finally, the committee received reports from all the FIFA competitions and standing committee meetings held since the previous meeting of the Executive Committee held in Rio de Janeiro on 29 September 2009. The next meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee will be held on 18 and 19 March 2010 in Zurich.

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