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FIFA and UEFA reject WADA "whereabouts" rule

FIFA and UEFA reject WADA “whereabouts” rule
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FIFA and UEFA reject WADA "whereabouts" rule

Following the joint meeting with the team sports' federations held in Vienna on 8 December 2008, and further to the unanimous decision of the FIFA Executive Committee in Zurich on 19 March 2009, and the unanimous decision of the UEFA Executive Committee in Copenhagen on 24 March 2009.

The governing bodies of FIFA and UEFA formally reject the stance taken by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) concerning the "whereabouts" rule and, more specifically, the individual location of team-sport athletes.

FIFA and UEFA want to stress the fundamental differences between an individual athlete, who trains on his own, on the one hand, and a team-sport athlete, who is present at the stadium six days out of seven, and thus easy to locate, on the other hand.

FIFA and UEFA therefore oppose the individual "whereabouts" rule, and want to see it replaced by collective location rules, within the scope of the team and within the stadium infrastructure.

Nevertheless, FIFA and UEFA agree, as an exception, to individual location for players already serving a suspension, or for players injured for a long period of time, as these players do not necessarily participate in the daily life of the club.

Furthermore, FIFA and UEFA do not accept that controls be undertaken during the short holiday period of players, in order to respect their private life.

Finally, FIFA and UEFA want to draw attention to the fact that, both on a political and juridical level, the legality of the lack of respect of the private life of players, a fundamental element of individual liberty, can be questioned.

Every year, the footballing world organises between 25,000 and 30,000 doping controls and is committed to fighting doping in football with all of its means.

In a spirit of collaboration in the fight against doping, FIFA and UEFA therefore ask WADA to reconsider its position on the "whereabouts" rule.

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