Critical week for Indian football development

A FIFA delegation made its way to India last week, in the company of, on hand to provide the best possible coverage to our readers. This vast country of 1.2billion people has recently taken measures to tap into its massive footballing potential, and FIFA is committed to helping the Indians to achieve this laudable goal.

You can find out all about the related ongoing projects in India by viewing video footage filmed by during the week. For a more detailed insight into the development initiatives undertaken so far, read this article on the various programmes already underway and this press release that sets forth the next steps to be taken.

You may also be interested in learning about the problems currently faced by the I-League and the solutions put forward to solve them, as well as the precise plan for youth academies in India. You can read all about the new academy in Mumbai, where some of India’s most promising young players are ready and willing to propel football in their country to a new level and develop into stars of the national game.

If you find images more intriguing than words, have a browse through the photos taken of a constructive meeting between FIFA representatives and Indian officials, of Indian playing surfaces being revamped, and of a day in the life of the aforementioned Mumbai Academy trainees.

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