FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Algiers, Algeria

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

The FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence Algiers is a medical centre specialised in treating sports-related injuries.

The FMCE operates in sports and musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation, diagnostic and interventional imaging, sports performance optimisation, and surgical and nonsurgical management of sports-related injuries.

We serve the needs of individuals of all ages and abilities – elite and professional athletes and youth athletes – with professional medical care.

The orthopaedic department can address and treat all disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves.

The centre conducts research in areas including biomechanics and cartilage regeneration, and other clinical research in virtually every area of musculoskeletal disease.

The cardiology department delivers professional care for athletes and promotes safe athletic participation through advanced heart screening, improved emergency planning, and scientific research. The clinic works in close collaboration with many other top medical institutions in Algeria and in the MENA region. Among the prestigious institutions with which the clinic collaborates are:

– The National Imaging Centre of Algeria at the University of Algiers Medical School (Prof. Mansouri)
– SAADA Medical Centre, Orthopaedic Department of Traumatology (Prof. Ahmed Zemmouri)

Established 1993
Accredited FMCE since May 2010
All aspects of sports medicine (cardiology, orthopaedics, dentistry, sports psychology)
60 associates, 10 doctors, 15 physiotherapists, 15 scientists and researchers
Financial turnover USD 10 M

*Dr Yacine Zerguini, MD *

Director/Head of FMCE 

1 Rue Rachid Yahiaoui, El-Biar Alger
Tel.: +213 21921925
Mobile: +213 550100045

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