Centre for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Prof Efraim Kramer, Head of Emergency Medicine at Witwatersrand University, talks
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Ever since the launch of the Centre for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine in 2004, we have been dedicated to football medicine. In our pioneering project in cooperation with SAFA and funded by the National Lottery, we could put our centre's mission to life: to promote participation, performance and life skills for young male and female player and develop football in South Africa.

As a player, you will benefit from our expertise in

  • Pre-participation assessment: Laboratory and field testing are available to individuals and teams. These may comprise evaluation, data analysis, feedback and recommendations for training

  • Optimisation of performance at all levels of play incl. nutritional advice, sports psychology, podiatry

  • Improved injury treatment through a multidisciplinary approach in close cooperation with the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre

  • Integrated approach stressing and developing life skills as a precondition for success

  • Education on all aspects of doping, especially prevention of doping

    Our experienced staff includes two sports physicians, a rehabilitation specialist a physical therapist, two exercise physiologists, one of them specialised in applied biomechanics. As the Centre of Specialisation for Football by SAFA and SASCOC (South African Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee), our centre trains the future generation of specialists in football medicine.

    Your contact at the FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence at Wits University:

    *Dr Demitri Constantinou *
    Centre for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine
    School of Therapeutic Sciences
    Faculty of Health Sciences
    University of the Witwatersrand
    Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

    Tel +27 11 717-3372