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Blatter's 'solace in time of sadness'

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter has written to the head of the Palestine FA, Jibril Al Rajoub, to express his sympathy after learning of the deaths of Ayman Alkurd (Falasteen Al-Ryadi and Palestine - player), Wajeh Moshate (Club Shajaieh - player) and Khalil abed Jaber (Member of the National Olympic Committee of Palestine).

The trio, prominent members of the Palestinian football family, lost their lives in incidents on the Gaza Strip. Alkurd, who represented the Palestine national team on a number of occasions, died on Tuesday.

The FIFA President wrote: "On behalf of FIFA and the worldwide family of football, I wish to extend our condolences to you, to the Palestinian football community, and, most importantly, to Ayman Alkurd's, to Wajeh Moshtahe's and to Khalil abed Jaber's families, friends and loved ones.

"Please let them know that today the football community stands by their side. We would hope that in some way, our words of support may help bring a little bit of peace and solace in this time of sadness."

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