Rehasport Clinic, Poznan, Poland

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

The Rehasport Clinic is a private orthopaedic hospital and rehabilitation clinic; it is a place of the highest medical competence in the field of orthopaedics, diagnostic imaging and rehabilitation and has provided treatment for more than 170,000 patients. The Rehasport network comprises three hospitals, four regional centres and almost 100 rehabilitation points across Poland.

The Rehasport team – experienced in the management and provision of football medicine
The team has over 130 interdisciplinary specialists, several of whom work for elite Polish football clubs. With such a variety of experts working together, it is easier to organise and optimise the whole process of injury diagnosis, non-surgical approaches and/or surgical intervention if needed. Our know-how in sports medicine is growing thanks to our philosophy of continuous improvement and team knowledge that has developed in under ten years.

We are dedicated to football medicine, conducting research in the field of football injuries and injury prevention. Our highly experienced sports physicians and physiotherapists, who provide top-class injury rehabilitation for national and international professional football players, are members of the medical teams of a number of football clubs (e.g. we are the medical partners for Lech Poznań). Rehasport Clinic specialists are also members of the Medical Committee of the Polish Football Association, through which they determine and supervise the standard practice of the health monitoring process and training with professional football players.

The Rehasport Clinic as a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence 
"This success is recognition not only for us but for the whole Polish school of orthopaedics. It bodes well for the future and is an unprecedented boost to the entire sports medicine community in Poland," says Dr Witold Dudziński, Rehasport Clinic CEO.

"We are proud to become part of the global football medical community and to have been given the opportunity to implement and contribute to ongoing and new research within the framework and long-term strategy of F-MARC, as well as to educating and training the next generation of clinical specialists and scientists."

Established 2004
Accredited FMCE since November 2014
Orthopaedics, diagnostics, rehabilitation, sports medicine
100 MDs, 30 PhDs or higher
1,614 operations yearly, average hospital stay 2 days, 
94,333 individual interventions

Dr. Witold Dudziński
Director/Head of FMCE
Rehasport Clinic sp z o.o., Górecka 30, 60-201 Posen, Poland
Tel.: +48 61 833 89 89

Dr. Monika Grygorowicz
Head of Research & Development Department
First contact person at the FMCE
Rehasport Clinic sp z o.o., Górecka 30, 60-201 Posen, Poland
Tel.: +48 61 833 89 89
Mobile: +48 601 52 18 38

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