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All 207 associations in attendance - FIFA announces new vision

The FIFA Congress met at the International Congress Centre in Munich on Thursday, 8 June with representatives of all 207 FIFA member associations in attendance. In his address to the many assembled delegates, representatives of various bodies, politicians and guests, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter announced that world football's governing body would be approaching the years to come with a powerful new vision (see separate media release).  With its "Develop the game, touch the world, build a better future" mission, FIFA intends to anchor its key values of authenticity, integrity, performance and unity all around the world and accept its social responsibility through a "Football for a better world" fund via alliances with other organisations.

The second day of the Congress was opened by speeches from DFB president and FIFA Executive Committee member Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder, Munich's Lord Mayor Christian Ude and IOC President Dr Jacques Rogge.

In his speech, IOC President Rogge praised FIFA's position: "Football is the most universal and popular sport in the world, and FIFA has a wonderful role in the world of sport." Rogge also praised FIFA for its exemplary efforts with regard to ethics and transparency, as well as in the fight against corruption, manipulation, racism and doping. With regard to the latter issue, Rogge stated that he was disappointed that many governments had not yet signed the World Anti-Doping Code, despite having promised to do so. However, he was pleased to note that following recent discussions with the World Anti-Doping Agency, FIFA had made amendments to its statutes to bring them into line with the World Anti-Doping Code. Finally, Rogge said that the world of sport expected to retain its independence.

Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder welcomed all those present on behalf of the host association: "The 2006 FIFA World Cup™ should also be used to build bridges and to forge new friendships. If that happens, this World Cup - irrespective of each team's results - will be a success." Munich's Lord Mayor Christian Ude stated that for Munich, it was a "great honour and responsibility to play such a major role by hosting the Congress, the opening match and the international media centre."

Of the member associations in attendance, only the associations of Cape Verde Islands and Guinea-Bissau were not to entitled to vote as they had not met the statutory requirements regarding minimum participation in FIFA competitions. Consequently, 205 associations were entitled to vote, leaving the simple majority at 103 votes, and the three-quarter majority required for amendments to the Statutes at 154 votes.

The Congress also approved the FIFA financial report and the FIFA activity report. With regard to the budget for 2007-2010, FIFA plans to increase its investment in football development by 44% to USD 640 million. With income of USD 3 billion and expenses of USD 2.55 billion, FIFA expects a surplus of USD 450 million, which will be used to increase its equity in accordance with its statutory duty. In relation to FIFA's finances, the FIFA President stated that no fewer than five bodies are in place to supervise the accounts of world football's governing body, namely the Finance & Controlling Division, the Finance Committee, the external auditors of KPMG, the Internal Audit Committee, and finally the Congress itself.