Scala: I want to strengthen FIFA’s governance structure

Domenico Scala was ratified Chairman of the Audit and Compliance Committee by the FIFA Congress on 25 May 2012. Born in 1965 in Basel, Scala can draw from a wide range of large business, senior leadership and multicultural experiences. Since November 2011 he has been a non-executive Director of Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd, a Swiss stock market listed Biotech company. He gave an exclusive interview to about the new role and his ambitions for the Committee. How do you see your role as Chairman of the Audit & Compliance Committee?

Domenico Scala: The role of the Chairman is to ensure an effective functioning of such a committee. This is usually achieved by establishing - together with the other committee members and FIFA management - procedures, which govern its work. The Chairman should therefore facilitate good teamwork among all stakeholders and ensuring that the committee fully discharges its duties.

What is the mission of this Committee?

Ultimately, the establishment of an Audit & Compliance Committee aims to enhance confidence in the integrity of an organisation's processes relating to the financial reporting, disclosure standards, effectiveness of external and internal audit functions and internal control, as well as maintaining a compliance program. In this respect an Audit & Compliance Committee provides an independent reassurance through its oversight and monitoring role. In large companies and organisations Audit & Compliance Committee's have become an important pillar to help steer through today's complex business environment.

It is worth mentioning that FIFA has changed considerably over the years. It has evolved from a small organisation, primarily regulating the game of football, to an important economic entity. Also in this context FIFA decided in 2011 to subject its governance structure to an extensive reform process through an Independent Governance Committee (IGC). One of the many recommendations of this IGC was to establish an Audit & Compliance Committee with the typical supervisory role of an Audit Committee, and the additional responsibilities of a Compliance program. Basically, this means stepping up the standards in this field, but taking into account the specifics of a unique entity like FIFA.

Personally, what do you find interesting in this role?

FIFA is unique in its kind and therefore this is somewhat unchartered territory for us all. I like this challenge and I believe I can draw from a broad range of experiences, which I gained in large companies over the many years. This task also combines very well with my passion for the game of football!

What do you want to try and achieve in this committee?

The primary objective is to ensure that this committee fully discharges its duties. Together with the other committee members I would like to contribute to the overriding objective of this governance reform: Strengthening the governance structure of FIFA and enhancing confidence and reputation in this unique organisation.

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