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Home of FIFA

Visitors flock to 'Open House' Home of FIFA

Visitors at the Home of FIFA for 'Open House Zurich' weekend

The Home of FIFA was the star attraction of this weekend’s Open House Zurich, with more than 3,200 people visiting the organisation’s headquarters.

As part of 'Open House Zürich weekend', access to the operational buildings of football’s governing body was free to the public, with tours available in both English and German. These proved to be immensely popular, with demand so high that the waiting time for the 45-minute tours had to be extended to one hour to accommodate all of the enthusiastic visitors.

With access to FIFA’s Wellness Area and Coca-Cola and adidas providing football skill activities, however, there was plenty to do throughout the day.

The interest in the architecture of the building and the infrastructure of FIFA in the question and answer session afterwards was huge, and by the end of the weekend those who had attended left with a better understanding of the work that the organisation does all over the world. 

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