After the meeting of the FIFA Executive Committee on Friday 30 March, spoke with the chairman of the Task Force Transparency and Compliance, Frank van Hattum about his views on the progress made and the meeting’s outcome. As a chairman of the Task Force Transparency and Compliance, you have been involved heavily in FIFA’s reform process. What are your conclusions after today’s decisions?
Frank van Hattum: I’m very happy that the ExCo has agreed on some of the suggestions. I think the way that all the Task Forces came together with pretty much the same conclusion was a good thing. There’s nothing really radical. A lot of good experts back us and we can proceed. That’s very good for FIFA.

Why are the two new Ethics Committees so important?
From our point of view there are two different functions for the Ethics Committee. I think it’s important to consider one part of the job very distinct from another. A number of bodies take this approach. There are two distinct bodies that work and that are separate.

What are the next steps now?
The difficulty we have had was the time pressure. Parts of the reforms were part of a legal process. I think it’s a first step for the Organization, which now has to continue. There’s more to do, but we have made great progress by the ExCo backing our decision. Many details will now follow and that’s where the real work starts.

Are you happy with the outcome?
I’m totally surprised. There was a very large amount of work. And a large amount of thinking to be done on what the consequences of each one of those decisions would be for the ExCo to have faith and put it all in place for the Congress so that the work can really begin. Now I don’t think myself or many others were very confident about how far we could go. I think they would have gotten there now. I’m very happy that we made the start. I think we have to be seen making a change. That was obviously the first step, and a very public one.