FIFA can confirm that Didier Drogba submitted a request for authorisation to be registered to a club on a loan basis outside an open registration period. FIFA has informed the player about the relevant regulations included in article 6 par. 1 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (see PDF document attached).

According to the said article, “players may only be registered during one of the two annual registration periods fixed by the relevant association. As an exception to this rule, a professional whose contract has expired prior to the end of a registration period may be registered outside that registration period. Associations are authorised to register such professionals provided due consideration is given to the sporting integrity of the relevant competition. Where a contract has been terminated with just cause, FIFA may take provisional measures in order to avoid abuse, subject to article 22.”

Furthermore, annexe 3/art. 8.1/2 of the same regulations states that, “any professional player who is registered with a club that is affiliated to one association shall not be eligible to play for a club affiliated to a different association unless an ITC has been created by the former association and received by the new association in accordance with the provisions of this annexe.”

Please note that according to annexe 3/art. 8.3/1, “the rules set out above also apply to the loan of a professional player from a club affiliated to one association to a club affiliated to another association.”