On 21 August, FIFA’s headquarters will host a special ‘Sport + stars 4 kids’ day. The aim of the event, organised by the Cleven-Becker Foundation, is to promote the fight against obesity.

On the day, 500 children between the ages of six and 12 will have the chance to try new sports and games while learning about the problem of obesity. 120 coaches and volunteer teachers will be present to supervise the youngsters.

In addition, a number of Swiss sports stars will be on hand to introduce the children to their chosen sport. Sarah Meier (figure skating), Dominique Gisin (alpine skiing), Paul Laciga (beach volleyball), Natascha Badmann (triathlon), Evelyne Leu (freestyle skiing), Markus Zberg (cycling), Steffi von Siebenthal (snowboarding) and Jacqueline Schneider (diving) are just some of the athletes who will supervise the young participants.

Children wishing to take part have until 20 July to register, and they can find out more about the event by visiting the official Sport + stars 4 kids website.