The 125th IFAB Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 5 March 2011 at Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales.

The Agenda contains seven proposals and amendments related to the Laws of the Game.

The issue of Goal-line Technology will also once again be on the Agenda. In line with the discussions from the Annual Business Meeting held on 20 October 2010 - see - IFAB agrees to re-examine goal-line technology.

A report will be presented to the IFAB, following an independently monitored testing phase of 10 companies and their respective technology systems. These tests will be carried out between 7-13 February by the Zurich-based research institution EMPA.

An update on the status of the Additional Assistant Referees experiment will also be provided at the IFAB AGM, including the request by UEFA to use additional assistant referees for the duration of the EURO 2012 Final Tournament.