The renowned governance expert Prof. Dr. Mark Pieth, who was originally invited as a consultant in the process by FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter, was appointed Chairman of the Independent Governance Committee, which will take up its tasks immediately.

Pieth's team will receive reports from four FIFA task forces (Task Force Revision of Statutes, Task Force FIFA Ethics Committee, Task Force Transparency and Compliance, Task Force Football 2014, read the media release on the right hand side on the matter) before recommending reforms.

In 2004, Pieth was chosen by the United Nations to serve on an independent inquiry team examining alleged corruption in the Iraqi oil-for-food program. He has also helped the Swiss federal justice department draft laws to curb "money laundering, organized crime, drug abuse, corruption and the confiscation of assets". For the past 21 years, Pieth has led an advisory group on bribery in international business for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The University of Basel professor will outline the scope of the Independent Governance Committee at a press conference next Wednesday at 14.30 CET at the Home of FIFA.

For more information on Mark Pieth, please check Mark Pieth's website.