The 126th IFAB Annual Business Meeting was held yesterday at the Royal Berkshire Hotel in England.

Chaired by The Football Association’s General Secretary Alex Horne, representatives from the four British Football Associations and FIFA gathered to discuss the key agenda topics ahead of the Annual General Meeting next March.

An update was provided to the Board on the preparations for the first phase of Goal-line Technology (GLT) testing. The first phase of tests will take place with nine European technology companies between November and December 2011.

Following the conclusion of Phase 1, the independent test institute EMPA will then provide a statistical report to be presented at the IFAB AGM. Phase 2 of the testing is then scheduled to be held between March [following the AGM] and June 2012.

Today’s meeting also provided the Board with an update on the current status of the Additional Assistant Referees (AAR) experiment, as well as an update on three topics discussed at the first FIFA Task Force Football 2014 meeting on 10 May 2011. Those topics were the usage of radio communication, the so-called ‘triple punishment’ related to Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct, and the possible introduction of a fourth substitution to be allowed in matches that go to extra-time.

Finally, a number of proposed amendments to the wording of specific Laws of the Game were discussed. These included a proposal to increase the number of substitutes allowed in amateur competitions, in order to help increase participation.

The 126th IFAB Annual General Meeting will be held in England on 3 March 2012. The special meeting of the IFAB which will ultimately decide the future of both Additional Assistant Referees and GLT will take place following the conclusion of the UEFA 2012 European Championship.