Hungary was the third and final leg of the FIFA President's tour of eastern Europe, with Joseph S. Blatter arriving on 1 May 2009 and due to leave on 3 May. After touching down in Hungary, Blatter's first appointment was with the country's Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, with whom he held a lengthy meeting. Among the topics for discussion were the ‘6+5' rule, the electronic transfer regulatory system, and the protection of minors as well as the development of youth football.

The President of world football's governing body revealed he was "honoured to be welcomed" by the Prime Minister, before adding: "I'm moved to have in front of me such a committed young politician and man of State who thinks about future generations. I wish him all the energy he needs to keep pushing forward in these difficult times. Football, which can create so much excitement, should also play a part in keeping a positive outlook."

Winston Churchill and future generations
When giving his support to the ‘6+5' rule that FIFA wishes to introduce, Bajnai underlined that he was against a "separate championship for the rich". Quoting Winston Churchill, the Hungarian Prime Minister followed up Blatter's earlier comment by saying: "Politicians only think about the next election; men of State think about the next generations!"

As the meeting drew to a close, Blatter announced that a "Ferenc Puskas Prize" would be awarded at the next edition of the FIFA World Player Gala. The two men then went their separate ways, but not before the FIFA President wished Hungary the best of luck during their 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ qualifying campaign.

The FIFA delegation subsequently paid a short visit to the Hungarian Parliament before making the trip to Goal Project II (a technical and training centre in Budapest) for the centre's official unveiling on the afternoon of Saturday, 2 May.